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OCEAN YOUTH SAILING LAUNCH ARROW 1360 - Schionning Designs International

Ocean Youth Sailing in Switzerland

Ocean Youth Sailing have launched their beautiful Arrow 1360 in Switzerland recently, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

The OYS team are a community minded organisation that have accomplished this with the assistance of many major sponsers, including Schionning Designs International.

With much of the labour completed by a young team of volunteers who no doubt have learnt much during the construction, the boat is a testament to their determination and skill.

The vessel will now be used to teach young people about sailing and the water, along with team-building and other charitable endeavours.

She will be on display at a local boat show in the coming weeks, see the Ocean Youth Sailing website for more information and photos of the finished product!

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Optimus45---Schionning-Designs-International-320w_ Latest News

Zero-Emision Optimus 45 Launch

Optiumus Yacht Builders recently launched their fantastic ZERO Emission Optimus 45 in Belgium. It looks fantastic, very sharp and light.​

The Optimus 45 is performing very well on the electric motors and lithium battery packs. The Optiumus 45 weight is up to spec.​

A total weight of +/- 5,5 tons with complete equipment and masted (Empty Watertanks).​