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'JAG' | Growler VTR950

Owner and builder of 'JAG', Murray De Lacy, writes about the boat and how it has performed in his home waters of New Zealand.


Growler VTR950 Power Catamaran - SDI - Schionning Designs International“Jag is tracking very well can take your hand off the helm at any speed for minutes on end and she says on course. Did this one day in slight seas and 20 knots of wind for seven minutes at 16 knots boat speed and her course altered by 7 degrees. I am very much enjoying ‘JAG’ she is awesome. I am cruising at 16 knots using 24.4 litres per hour for both motors.”

“We just sat out a NE blow with a max of 62 Knots wind speed. We were both very impressed with the way ‘JAG’ rode this out, I have done years of boating and ‘JAG’ would have to be the best I have been on in these conditions. Our friend was anchored beside us in the same bay in his 13.5 meter heavy displacement yacht, and he was sailing all over the bay. The outcome is his boat is on the market and one guess what he is looking at.”

“I have had fifteen boats of all kinds, and ‘JAG’ is on top of the list.”