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G-Force 1200

G-Force 1200 Catamaran Schionning Designs Int 2

G-Force 1200

The new G Force 1200 compliments our range of high performance sailing cats and offers those wanting something smaller a sporty option for coastal or lightweight long distance cruising.​

These cats have found huge favour locally and worldwide with special interest from France and New Caledonia. It is refreshing to see some people appreciating the ‘true’ multihull values of a proper balance between speed and luxury.

These fast, lower volume cats also boast refined interiors giving them a surprising level of comfort and luxury because of the exceptional light material choices, used very much in the vein of appropriate technologies.

For more information please download our Study Plans on this design using the link below.

G-Force 1200

Adelaide, Australia

G-Force 1200 'HUEY'​

Adelaide, Australia

G-Force 1200 'FISSA'

New Caledonia


g-Force 1200 CAD Renders


g-Force 1200 CAD Renders

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G-Force 1700C ‘WILDFIRE’ Launches

G-Force 1700C Catamaran Wildfire Victoria Australia - SDI - Schionning Designs International


After over 5 years of hard work and dedication, Clint and Gaye Jennings have launched their beautiful and unique G-Force 1700C ‘WILDFIRE’!

She certainly lives up to her name with an eye-catching exterior paint job and a very distinctive style that differs from her G-Force sisters.​

The interior and finishes will be just as exquisite as the exterior, and we cannot wait for the finishing touches to go on.​

During the build of this boat Clint and Gaye also became close friends of Jeff and Lorraine, as well as very enthusiastic Schionning supporters and we thank them for their ongoing effort over the past years and we can’t wait to see them enjoying WILDFIRE on the water in some beautiful cruising destinations. ​

For more information on the G-Force 1700C design, plus a photo gallery (updated as much as possible) see the design portfolio here.

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G-Force 1200 ‘HUEY’ Launched in Adelaide

G-Force 1200 Catamaran HUEY Adelaide Australia - SDI - 1

'HUEY' Launched in Adelaide

A big congratulations to home builder Greg Hettner who has recently launched his beautiful G-Force 1200 named ‘HUEY’ in Adelaide, Australia.​

With help from his son Sean, the Hettner team have done a fantastic job and the mast and rigging was recently installed with ‘HUEY’ taking her first test sail! ​

We’re sure to see more from this pocket rocket in the months to come, as Greg and Sean hope to get her out sailing as much as possible. ​

The G-Force 1200 was built using a pre-cut Duflex kit, resulting in a lightweight, strong, stiff performance catamaran that looks great and will perform beyond expectations. ​

For more information on the G-Force 1200 design, see the design page here. Well done Greg and Sean! ​