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'DUET' | Arrow 1360 Catamaran

Geo Uhrich, owner of 'DUET' the first Arrow 1360 to be launched, speaks about his experiences cruising in Spain and commends the boat's sailing ability.

'DUET' Arrow 1360 Catamaran Design by Schionning Designs 1

Arrow 1360 DUET Built in South Africa - SDI 43Owner Geo Uhrich speaks about DUET’s impressive performance and his experiences while cruising in Spain. 

“It was fun to show a 50’ production cat how we can sail to windward in 8 knots of breeze and maintain over 8 knots of boat speed! They actually motored right up to our stern and had a good look to see what the heck we were doing that could beat them so soundly! Great fun! The best thing about DUET so far is how well she sails. We love the fact that we can sail in as low as 6 knots of true wind. When the wind even gets lower, we add a little thrust from the electric engine (still quiet) and get our apparent wind up enough to maintain our speed.”