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Commercial Designs

The Schionning Design studio can accommodate all design requests, including those for commercial vessels or charter boats, whether it is bare-boat charter, skippered, or day charter with a number of passengers.

The different commercial designs completed will be displayed here, and if there is nothing that fits your needs, contact us for a custom design quotation.

Arrow 1500DC Day Charter SDI Catamaran Commercial Design

Arrow 1500 Day Charter

The Arrow 1500 is the fourth addition to the growing Arrow Series, a larger sibling that can carry the whole family and get you there fast and in comfort. With a four cabin interior layout as standard featuring four seperate queen size berths all with private head and shower access – this Arrow is sure to be a hit with those clients looking for a little extra room for guests or family members, as well as charter fleets.

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Schionning Designs Commercial Catamarans

Euro 1480 Bi-Plane

Euro 1460 Bi-Plane Cat is a new custom design commissioned by a client wanting to think outside the box and utilise the bi-plane rig on a commercial vessel. by Schionning Designs International

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Prowler 1040 GTR Dive Vessel Catamaran - Schionning Designs

Prowler 1040 GTR Dive

The Prowler GTR1040 Dive is a commercial variation on the recreational GTR1040 hulls and bridgedeck, however this dive cat has centralised seating for divers and tank storage, as well as open area for easy movement. The initial design has electric propulsion and was for use in an eco-resort.

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Prowler 1100 Water Taxi Catamaran by Schionning Designs 6

Prowler 1100 Water Taxi

The Prowler 1100 Water Taxi Catamaran Design by Schionning Designs is perfect for use in the resort and leisure industry, the Water Taxi design is simple, easy to build therefore cost effective, and provides safety and a comfortable ride.

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