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G-Force 1800 SSS

The G-Force 1800 SSS is a little meaner and leaner than the ‘C’ (Cruise) design, with the waterline beam ratio at 15:1, the freeboard slightly lower, the forward double bunks on the bridgdeck have been removed, moving the trampolines back 1.5m and then using a ‘soft’ bottom shoe with all stealth type styling above.

The displacement is slightly lighter at 11 tonnes compared with 12.5 tonnes, this increases her power to weight ratio positively.

'ZERO' is the first SSS design on the water and was built by Cure Composites using Cure Fusion panels, made in-house. The finish as you can see is beautiful, with a stark black and white interior colour scheme and stainless furnishings.

The Study Plans are currently being prepared and will be available soon for download.

The G-Force 1800 SSS is a lightweight performance cruiser with serious style and luxury.

G-Force 1800 SSS - Study Plan

The Construction

the Interior