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Sailing Designs

Welcome to our selection of Sailing Designs. Our design ranges differ from each other in different ways, below you will see a general summary of each Series, and the main key design features of each.

Below you will find a list of PDF information documents written by the Schionning Team to assist with understanding the principles of our designs.

If you'd like more information on making a design decision, we have a plethora of information available to prospective clients under our Resources page and material and kit specifics can be found in the Kit pages.

Our G-Force range are our most performance-oriented designs, having taken over from the Waterline Series with new reverse bow styling.

The standard G-Force designs are ultra-slim lightweight racing machines, with the ‘C’ Cruising designs allowing a little additional weight-carrying though they must still be kept light.

The Radical Bay 800 has a simple hull form, with a vee section forward to stop slamming running aft to a flat exit to reduce hobby horsing.

The Radical Bay 1060 (coming soon) is the big sister to the Radical Bay 8000 with afew new features, however none have been built.

The Tracer Series are a range of performance cruising trimarans combining the speed trimarans are known for, with internal volume and spacious accommodation to create the perfect cruising platform.

Available as a pre-cut kit with detailed CAD drawn plans, suitable for amateur and professional construction.

The first of the range, the 1500TRi (15.00 metres) is now released, with more to come.

The Legend 60 is a cruising catamaran design encompassing some of the more classical design features that were requested from our clients.

The straight bow angles and vertical cabin window style gives her a distinct style, while staying true to her ocean greyhound heritage. The Legend 60 sits on the same hulls as the G-Force 1800 so she is still quite performance focussed.

The Troublemaker 9500 is a small monohull trailer-sailor that is available in a complete kit including construction plans and pre-cut Duflex shell kit.

The Troublemaker is exceptionally easy to build compared with the multihulls, and estimates are under 1000 hours for a complete boat. She is offered with twin unstayed carbon masts that can be built yourself, or a standard alloy mast is an option.