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Jeff Schionning – Still unique –

Multihulls Article on Jeff Schionning - Feb 2021 - Schionning Designs International
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Arrow 1500 Day Charter

Arrow 1500DC Day Charter SDI Catamaran Commercial Design

Arrow 1500 DAY CHARTER

The Arrow 1500DC is an open bridgedeck version of the popular Arrow 1500 cruising design, utilising the 100% flat panel construction and catering to charter operations and commercial applications. She has capacity for 32 guests with a focus on sailing ability to give customers a true multihull experience.

The Arrow Series of performance cruising catamarans has been steadily gaining popularity due to the modern angular styling and 100% flat panel construction method. With this in mind, a new commercial version of the Arrow 1500 design has been commissioned for day charter work - the Arrow 1500DC (Day Charter). This open bridgedeck vessel gives a practical layout with ample seating for a healthy number of passengers and with accomodations for crew.

The sailing ability will not be impacted too heavily and fully loaded she will perform well even in light winds, reducing costs of having to run engines and giving passengers a true sailing experience. Her shallow draft allows her to nose into sandy beaches easily to embark and disembark passengers and to load or unload equipment and supplies. Available either as a pre-cut kit or this vessel can be quoted by any of our professional or production builders. For more information, please contact us. Study plans and detailed specifications are coming soon.

Arrow 1500dc

Day Charter


CAD Renders


CAD Renders

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Arrow 1500

Arrow 1500 CAD Exterior and Interior Version 1 - SDI - Schionning Designs International

Arrow 1500

Introducing the Arrow 1500—the fourth and biggest design to join the new Arrow Series that have been causing a stir around the world.

The modern angular ‘stealth’ styling, 100% flat panel construction and the convenience of a fully pre-cut kit all combine to create a very attractive package for anyone looking to get on the water in comfort and style. With 5 Arrow 1200 designs currently under construction, along with 2 Arrow 1360 designs—the Arrow 1500 is definitely joining the ranks of one of the most popular cruising ranges on the market.

The Arrow 1500 shares the slim hull lines and generous rocker of her siblings, giving her the speed when light but good payload when crossing oceans fully-laden, capable of running down the trades at an effortless 250 miles a day, or more.

Project #1

Shelter Marine, SA



Version 2


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Arrow 1280-S

Arrow 1280-S Design CAD Images - SDI - Schionning Designs International

Arrow 1280-S

The Arrow 1280-S was designed to the Arrow 1200 and stretch her out, adding some different layout features but keeping the pedigree that made these designs so successful.

A newer skinnier sister has joined the Arrow family, the Arrow 1280-S. This design concept takes the Arrow's purist values one step further; shedding another skin to become a real serpent of the seas but keeping the longer waterline length. We have drawn from the same "back to the future" low cost concept, only this time focusing her performance with narrower hulls, shallower draft and a practical interior layout. The Arrow 1280-S will of course feature the 100% flat panel construction that has made the Arrow Series such a popular design.

The Arrow 1280-S was designed to the Arrow 1200 and stretch her out, adding some different layout features but keeping the pedigree that made these designs so successful. A large cockpit is a must with the door set to port, allowing a sizeable table and plenty of seating for entertaining guests. Dual steering wheels are standard being set on the outer hull edge giving excellent visibility of sails and sea conditions.

The saloon is a little different with a U-shaped galley and saloon, instead of the space being blended together as in the original 1200 design. The nav station sits amidships to port, with the single head and shower located aft. Dual double berths are located on the bridgedeck forward, with access from each hull. A single berth in the starboard bow and additional double berth aft give the 1280-S plenty of accommodation.

Read more in the Study Plans, or contact us for kit pricing and ordering information.

Sunshine Coast




Exterior & Interior

CAD Renders

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Arrow 1200 Project | Carl & Beth McConnochie

Arrow 1200

Project | Carl & Beth McConnochie

Carl & Beth McConnochie are underway on an Arrow 1200 design, this page is to assist those interested in following their progress.

Build Update

20th SEPTEMBER 2018

Cabin Top


Forward Beam

Panel Joining and Major Structure


Second Hull


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Arrow 1200

Arrow 1200 Catamaran bySchionning Designs - SDI

Arrow 1200

Introducing the new era of performance cruising designs, the modern and stylish Arrow 1200.

This design concept originated by looking back at the classic Schionning designs, at a time when the primary considerations were defined by need and not greed. When building your own multihull, there are many factors that can push out the cost and budget of the project. Firstly, your choice of design is important as far as internal volume, a certain amount of accommodation is going to take a certain amount of materials. Secondly, the “must-have” choices - while it is nice to have all the bells and whistles this too often blows out the costings of any build.

The Arrow 1200’s best feature by far is the simple 100% flat-panel construction method. Yes, you read correctly. This design comes as a fully pre-cut kit direct to your door, with only a handful of tools required to get started. To help cut costs further, the Arrow 1200 kit can be ordered in a shell-only kit, or with furniture, depending on your budget. If your budget is a little more generous, you can order the furniture fully pre-cut, ready to tape together. However if you’re wanting to save every penny, why not order a shell-only kit, and piece together the interior as and when you can afford it? The aesthetic style of the Arrow is really determined by this build process, and without any time-consuming strip-planked curves she has a very modern, stealth styling that will certainly turn heads.


Current Marine


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Arrow 1200 Sports​

THE ARROW 1200 SPORTS - SDI - Schionning Designs International

Arrow 1200 Sports

The Schionning Designs Team is excited to announce a new high performance racing design, the sleek and stealthy Arrow 1200 Sport.

This design concept takes the Arrow's purist values one step further; shedding another skin to become a real serpent of the seas. We have drawn from the same "back to the future" low cost concept, only this time focusing on need and speed. Like the original Arrow, we use the latest cutting edge technologies used in light kit panel building systems to make it quick and easy to build.

Jeff has designed the Arrow Sport to be all the room you need for a 4 man racing crew. Accommodation is nicely balanced with two separate aft cabins with big queen bunks and plenty of space with privacy. Two single cabins lay latrally, tucked under the forward deck incase you need extra hands for a fast ocean crossing. With two separate head and showers there's enough amenities to keep your crew well kempt.

The salloon is situated on the bridgedeck with sitting headroom. A nav station is set half-way down the port stairs and facing forwards, big enough for all your charts, certainly big enough for your tablet or laptop. To the starboard, we have a galley down for stable cooking of your stable meals. You'll be going fast, so you want the cook to be able to stand steady and down in the hulls is the best place for that.

Arrow 1200 Sports

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Current Marine Launches Second Arrow 1200

Arrow 1200 Catamaran by Schionning Designs International

Current Marine Launches

Current Marine in Knysna, South Africa have been hard at work on their second Arrow 1200 which has recently hit the water and is floating light on her lines.​

Recently launched ‘DACHA’ impressed many with her speed and sailing ability during her delivery, and we’re sure to expect the same from this new addition. ​

She is floating light although loaded with 250kg of fuel and water at the time and of course she is yet to be fitted with rigging, mast and sails.

The Arrow 1200 designs are steadily becoming known for their simplicity of construction (100% flat panel kits), comfortable accommodation and exciting performance.

For more information on the Arrow 1200 design, and to see more photos of the recent launch including interior shots, see the design portfolio here.