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Arrow 1200 Sports​

THE ARROW 1200 SPORTS - SDI - Schionning Designs International

Arrow 1200 Sports

The Schionning Designs Team is excited to announce a new high performance racing design, the sleek and stealthy Arrow 1200 Sport.

This design concept takes the Arrow's purist values one step further; shedding another skin to become a real serpent of the seas. We have drawn from the same "back to the future" low cost concept, only this time focusing on need and speed. Like the original Arrow, we use the latest cutting edge technologies used in light kit panel building systems to make it quick and easy to build.

Jeff has designed the Arrow Sport to be all the room you need for a 4 man racing crew. Accommodation is nicely balanced with two separate aft cabins with big queen bunks and plenty of space with privacy. Two single cabins lay latrally, tucked under the forward deck incase you need extra hands for a fast ocean crossing. With two separate head and showers there's enough amenities to keep your crew well kempt.

The salloon is situated on the bridgedeck with sitting headroom. A nav station is set half-way down the port stairs and facing forwards, big enough for all your charts, certainly big enough for your tablet or laptop. To the starboard, we have a galley down for stable cooking of your stable meals. You'll be going fast, so you want the cook to be able to stand steady and down in the hulls is the best place for that.

Arrow 1200 Sports