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Arrow 1360

Arrow 1360 Standard Design CAD Images - SDI - Schionning Designs

Arrow 1360

The Schionning Designs team is excited to introduce the modern and stylish Arrow 1360.


The Schionning Designs team is excited to introduce the modern and stylish Arrow 1360. The 1200 design concept originated by looking back at the classic Schionning designs, at a time when the primary considerations were defined by need and not greed. When building your own multihull, there are many factors that can push out the cost and budget of the project. Firstly, your choice of design is important as far as internal volume, a certain amount of accommodation is going to take a certain amount of materials. Secondly, the “must-have” choices - while it is nice to have all the bells and whistles this too often blows out the costings of any build. The 1360 is based on her smaller sister, but with more room and the weight-carrying capacity for a few extra toys!

The Arrow 1360’s best feature by far is the simple 100% flat-panel construction method. Yes, you read correctly. This design comes as a fully pre-cut kit direct to your door, with only a handful of tools required to get started. To help cut costs further, the Arrow 1360 kit can be ordered in a shell-only kit, or with furniture, depending on your budget. If your budget is a little more generous, you can order the furniture fully pre-cut, ready to tape together. However if you’re wanting to save every penny, why not order a shell-only kit, and piece together the interior as and when you can afford it? The aesthetic style of the Arrow is really determined by this build process, and without any time-consuming strip-planked curves she has a very modern, stealth styling that will certainly turn heads.

Read more in the Study Plans, or contact us for kit pricing and ordering information.


Built in
South Africa

layout V.1

Version 1

layout V.2

Version 2


Arrow 1360​

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OCEAN YOUTH SAILING LAUNCH ARROW 1360 - Schionning Designs International

Ocean Youth Sailing in Switzerland

Ocean Youth Sailing have launched their beautiful Arrow 1360 in Switzerland recently, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

The OYS team are a community minded organisation that have accomplished this with the assistance of many major sponsers, including Schionning Designs International.

With much of the labour completed by a young team of volunteers who no doubt have learnt much during the construction, the boat is a testament to their determination and skill.

The vessel will now be used to teach young people about sailing and the water, along with team-building and other charitable endeavours.

She will be on display at a local boat show in the coming weeks, see the Ocean Youth Sailing website for more information and photos of the finished product!