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Troublemaker 9500

Troublemaker 9500

The Troublemaker 9500 is designed to compete with the new 30 to 32 foot mono revolution that is happening at present, but with some very unique features that make her stand out from the crowd.

Once you are used to the benefits enjoyed by Multihulls such as speed, shallow draft plus the ability to dry out on secluded beaches in the Islands, a (normal) mono just does not cut it. OK you still have the heeling but here we are aiming for a very stiff boat keeping the heel angles as low as possible.

The un-stayed carbon masts help tremendously, first the low weight aloft plus having two masts keeps the centre of effort low, reducing the lever arm. The two masts are light making it easy for one person to lower them and the support tubes carry the boom gooseneck allowing the boom and sails to remain in place when packing up.

She has the huge advantage of trail-ability with almost half the weight of her competitors. Power to weight ratios are high making her very fast, she can be beached anywhere or walked into any shallow area drawing only 200mm with keel and rudders lifted, accommodation is equal to or better than her competitors so she’s hard to go past in this size range. And did I tell you, you can build her yourself very easily from a pre-cut high tech composite kit for half the price or better.



For more information please download our Study Plans on this design using the link below.