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Find a local Schionning Designs Representative. SEC BOATS, Brazilian Agents. The story of their beginning...


SEC BOATS Yacht Catamaran Builders by Schionning DesignsSEC BOATS - Brazilian Schionning Designs International AgentsOur dream began with our love for the pleasure that just one boat can provide in life.Feel the family together, the freedom, the nature on board has no price.
When sailing we can leave behind the stress that accumulates 

 from living in Sao Paulo, the biggest city below the Equator. It isn’t easy to live and work in a Metropolis with 28 million people. So we realized that just one boat can put life back on track and we began our search to find the boat that could provide space and comfort for our family with safety. We looked for something completely new in design.

In our trips out of Brazil we rented a lot of boats, but none that could provide the safety and comfort that you will find in a catamaran, so that decision was easy, then we found the perfect choice with Schionning Designs, who can provide everything we were looking for.
Sharing this discovery, designs that will provide comfort and safety with others is our dream and we’re able to help you in your choice of the best catamaran.
Antonio and Cecília Soto