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Razorcat 52

Razorcat 52 Sailing Catamaran Design by Schionning Designs


The focus of this design is elegant performance. An offshore capable multihull which is easily controlled and operated by one person from the safety and comfort of a central inside helm station, featuring 360 degree views throughout the bridge deck.

All lines (with the exception of the genoa/spinnaker sheets) lead to two electric reversible winches located either side of the helm. The genoa/ spinnaker sheets are handled by the two electric reversible winches in the cockpit (that can also be controlled remotely at the helm).

Couples that have spent time cruising know how critical it is to be able to handle the boat easily while on watch without having to wake your partner, this is not possible on most current catamaran designs.

A properly designed and constructed catamaran can be a very fast, but only if it remains light and easily driven. This design has relatively narrow hulls with dagger boards, along with simple powerful rig. The high bridge deck clearance minimizes pounding in a seaway and greatly adds to the comfortable motion aboard while sailing. All systems are designed to be easily accessed and maintained, a critical feature on any true cruising sailboat.

For further information or to inquire about this vessel, please use the link below and fill out the contact form on the RAZORCATS website.

CAD Renders

The RAZORCAT 52 production vessel is ONLY available exclusively from Anchor Yachts, built by Pacific Seacraft, North Carolina, USA. For any inquiries, pricing and availability - see their dedicated website using the link below.