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Prowler 40 Open Cruiser

SDI Prowler 40 Open/Cruiser Power Catamaran - Schionning Designs International

Prowler 40 Open/Cruiser

SDI Prowler 40 Open/Cruiser is a commercial power catamaran, Available at a very competitive price for a motor-away vessel, the Open layout is ideal for dive-boats, day-boats, snorkelling tours and almost any other on-water charter.

No matter where you need to go, or who you're taking, the Prowler Open 40 can get you there quickly and in comfort. The Cruiser version has accommodation and relaxing living areas for the whole family.
This pictured version is an open plan bridgedeck, featuring ample seating for the 32 passengers that she can safely and comfortably carry, along with an additional 3 crew members. The hulls have 1.85 metres of headroom and provide toilet amenities, crew bunks and a galley for food preparation.
If you're looking for a fast good-looking commercial vessel that will perform well above expectations and is more affordable than you think - look no further!

Prowler 40 Open/Cruiser​