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Prowler 1040 GTR Dive

Prowler 1040 GTR Dive Vessel Catamaran - Schionning Designs

Prowler 1040 GTR Dive

The Prowler 1040 GTR Dive is an eco-friendly, efficient diving vessel that is aimed precisely at scuba diving at resorts and dive shops.

Prowler 1040 GTR Dive​ platform has been taken from the standard 1040 GTR design, and stripped back to the bare essentials and packed with featuring for divers.

The centralised seating and open areas facilitate gearing up and entering and exiting the water, as well as benches for passengers while underway. The rear of the bridgedeck has an opening gate for launching and retreiving divers.

The initial design has electric propulsion, meaning this vessel is completely eco-friendly and green for the environment. The lightweight Duflex panels and composite materials mean she will be pushed along easily with smaller electric engines and can utilise and battery bank and solar power.

More information will be available in the coming weeks on the 1040 GTR Dive, however if you'd like to register your interest please contact us.

CAD renders