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Duality | Arrow 1280SE | Owner’s Review

Stunning High Performance "@dualitysailing" Hand Built @schionningdesigns Arrow 1280S Have a Superb Weekend Everyone! ARROW 1280S - "The Arrow 1280-S was designed to the Arrow 1200 and stretch her out, adding some different layout features but keeping the pedigree that made these designs so successful." SPECIFICATIONS - LOA 12.80 metres - BOA 6.80 metres - DRAFT 0.400 metres - HEADROOM (Hulls) Full Standing Contact Schionning Designs | ???? ???? . . . . @followers #sailing #schionningdesigns #catamaran #yachtlife #livingthedream #schionningcats #schionning #arrow1200 #catamaran #catamaranlife #catamaransailing #multihull #multihullsailing #traveling #sv #multihull #travelblogger #igdaily #ignation #igtravel #insta #instagood #instamood #instagram #oceanmood #sailingcatamaran #sunset #ig_worldclub #worldcup #worldshotz #worldplaces

DUALITY | arrow 1280s | Owner’s Review

"Duality has exceeded my expectations and has plenty of space for sleeping, storage and room for some toys. I carry a 2.6m tender on the davits with a 6Hp outboard which doesn’t weigh the yacht down at all..."

“DUALITY Began life when I contacted Jeff with a list of modifications I desired from the A1200. I wanted lower volume, slimmer hulls with longer waterline length for performance plus a different layout with single head (to save weight and build time) plus bridge deck cabins. I was more concerned with performance than load carrying ability so the A1280s was conceived.

From the day my kit arrived to launch day it was almost 3 years to the day. I built the majority of Duality by myself except for the fairing and painting and some hardware fitting which a friend did for me. I was working overseas during the build so only got to work on the boat on my days off back in Australia.

Duality pretty much sails at wind speed at most normal angles upwind and downwind. I haven’t pushed very hard but have seen 19.5kts boat speed in 19kts of wind with flat water. Upwind she likes to sail at about 9.5-10kts tacking through 90-95 degrees. Very little wind is needed to get going, it’s not uncommon to see the boat speed well in excess of wind speed in light air.

I have a rotating carbon mast from Current Marine, the mainsail is 66m2, jib 33m2, screacher 75m2 and asymmetric spinnaker 135m2. As far as cruising goes Duality has exceeded my expectations and has plenty of space for sleeping, storage and room for some toys. I carry a 2.6m tender on the davits with a 6Hp outboard which doesn’t weigh the yacht down at all.”

Matt G.
Duality |  Arrow 1280S

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Zero² | G-Force1800SSS | Owner’s Review

ZERO2 Schionning Designs G-Force1800SSS

Zero² | G-Force1800SSS | Owner’s Review

"We just completed a 5 day crossing from Luganville Vanuatu to Mackay Australia. 2 handed just my partner tracey and myself..."

..”The final day threw us some curved balls, 25 knots of breeze – We saw 38 knots at one stage, rising swell with 4 metre sets then we had to navigate a reef passage with 5 knots of outgoing current with over falls.

With both engines and one head sail Zero handled everything with ease, surfing a wave over the worst of the over falls.

We are currently heading south down the Queensland coast and enjoying the calmer conditions, we constantly have people cruise past and comment what a beautiful looking vessel she is. Functional and beautiful.”

Jeff Dodd
Zero² |  G-Force1800SSS

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Solitaire 1520

SDI Schionning Designs Solitaire 1520 Multihull Catamaran Design CAD Render

Solitaire 1520

The Schionning Designs Solitaire 1520 Multihull Catamaran offers similar internal comfort and space to the production boat competition, but she is far lighter, stiffer and stronger with better waterline beam values and higher power to weight ratio.

This is a serious blue water cruiser capable of taking you around the world with high mileage daily runs in comfort and safety with minimal slamming.

Her primary design feature is an efficient performance sailing catamaran with high bridgedeck clearance and angled tunnel panels to minimize slamming. She has a strong beam / length ratio and strong sail area / displacement ratio. Yet the Solitaire has our best interior volume ever allowing multiple versatile layouts and the payload to compliment it.

On the propulsion side she has an efficient alloy mast and boom fully battened deep roach main, single line main reefing in the boom, roller furling headsail, and furling screecher on the prodder. A para-spinnaker finishes off her downwind capability. A simple, fast, and efficient rig.

Engine power comes from two 20 kW electric motors and a single 80 HP shaft-drive with folding props set comfortably forward for easy access from inside the hulls. This hybrid system will power all the equipment and air conditioning. There are large water and fuel tanks to ensure that the vessel is fully self-sufficient while away from the dock.