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Technical Information

Catamaran Kit Materials. What do I receive? Schionning Designs supply a list of the Kit Materials you will receive to start the process.

Technical Information

The Technical Information page is a collection of documents (mostly in PDF format) on the materials and systems used in Schionning catamarans. Including data sheets, engineering information, strength comparisons of each core material and informative articles from Jeff outling the design of certain system such as engine choices and main sheet systems.

Detailed engineering data
for your research!

We understand that getting your head around the process of building your own boat, or having one built, can take a little while. To gain a greater understanding of the materials used in our designs, the below data sheets have been supplied by ATL Composites, and contain all of the technical data you could need regarding the composites we use. In addition are articles or documents written by Jeff about certain systems used on our designs and why.