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Growler 880 GTR

Growler 880 GTR Power Catamaran Exterior CAD Designs - SDI - Schionning Designs International

Growler 880 GTR

SDI Growler 880 GTR is Fast, Fun and Ballsy, our new Growler 880 GTR power cat is perfect for week‐ending and coastal cruising.

You’ll be very surprised at how much room is inside this ‘small’ cat – there is plenty of accommodation for a big family, including a good sized private head and shower. If you’re more likely to enjoy fishing with a bunch of your mates, we’ve got that covered too.​

We have used our new “Whisper” hull shape on the Growler 880 GTR, a development from the VT hull form using the wide hull beam but with “soft” V entry giving a similar seaworthy ride but having the advantage of shallower draft for shallow areas and beaching.

Quick to plane, we are using 115hp outboard engines on Stealth 1 she will cruise comfortably at around 18 to 20 knots with a top speed of 28 – 30 knots expected, but if you use more power, you’ll get more speed. The Whisper” hulls will deliver incredible comfort and safety, even in rough sea conditions, much like our well proven VT’s.

The Schionning Designs Growler 880 GTR wide hulls offer very good volume inside providing unusually good accommodation in a cat this size and yet still offer very good fuel economy.

There is an excellent building project blog by The Boatbuilding Boys, Troy Smith and partner Brad in Sydney, NSW - see their project and progress here.

For more information please download our Study Plans on this design using the link below.


CAD Renders


CAD Renders


CAD Renders

880 GTR

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