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G-Force 1800 C

G-Force 1800 Cruise Catamaran - SDI - Schionning Designs

G-Force 1800 Cruise

The G-Force 1800C is the ultimate in high performance cruising catamarans. This design has been the basis for a number of vessels and new designs, including the Legend 60, the 1800SSS and the 2000 Speciale. ​

Staying true to her heritage she is extremely quick while not compromising too much of the luxury that one expects from a design of this size. Inside we have a number of different layout options, however the standard layout features two king sized cabins forward, a split up/down galley and spacious saloon that opens onto a large cockpit.

Twin helms have been the favorite choice when it comes to the smaller G-Force designs however the 1800C leans more toward easier sailing and even single-handing, utilizing a single helm station with all sail controls running back to one central location.

Powered systems are recommended if you're thinking of handling the boat short-handed (a couple for instance), these systems are invaluable for hoisting sails and controlling the entire boat with the push of a button (or touchpad).

The G-Force 1800C is a one-of-a-kind performance oriented cruising catamaran with a generous payload and plenty of room for all of the toys you'd expect.

If you'd like more information on this design, please download the Study Plans below!

G-Force 1800 C 'ESPRIT'​

Queensland, Australia

G-Force 1800 C 'ESPRIT'​


G-Force 1800 C CAD RENDERS


G-Force 1800 C CAD RENDERS