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G-Force 1500 C

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G-Force 1500 C

With our G-Force 1500 design blasting it’s way to the top of the podium in local races and dominating the Asian race circuit with line honours and race records it’s no wonder the G-Force performance range have caught the imagination of so many cat sailors.

Peter Wilcox (GF1500 Owner “Mojo”) is finding her a very comfortable cruiser having now clocked up thousands of ocean miles but he needs to keep her mean and lean for speed, and while we all imagine ourselves as serious racing sailors as we of course used to be a reality check in the mirror sadly reflects a rather more mature sailor with often a very different beam to length ratio.

Add in the kids and grandchildren and it becomes clear our real requirements are a little different now. Usher in the new G-Force 1500 “Cruise” design, this is definitely a better fit as she can carry the extra cruising gear we need for that circumnavigation, the toys we want and the comfortable accommodation to have family and friends join us as and where they can.

However it is important that she retains her blood lines, good beam to length ratios, fresh power to weight ratios and a moderate mast height and yet just so easy to sail.

CE compliance is optional with this design. European owners and builders will require this. Displacement has been increased to carry the additional structural requirements and provide good cruising payload.

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