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Radical Bay 800

Schionning Designs International Radical Bay 8000 Exterior CAD Renders

Radical Bay 800

Schionning Designs Radical Bay 800 is a small weekender or coastal cruising catamaran, that still has enough sea-keeping ability to cross an ocean or two. The bi-plane rig provides amazingly easy sailing. which truly must be witnessed to believe.

A standard rig is an option and is at the owner's discretion. There are a number of Radical Bay 800's on the water, and many have done very well in racing events in Australia and Asia.

For the Radical Bay 800, I have chosen a simple hull form, with a vee section forward to stop slamming running aft to a flat exit to reduce hobby horsing. The asymmetric hull shapes as used on most of our designs benefit the boat in a number of ways.

The layout is surprisingly comfortable for such a small cat especially with good speed being kept in focus: the fwd bunks are comfortable and an aft "double" can easily sleep two friendly people. I have added a cockpit in each hull, the cabin offers some protection but mostly to have a comfortable sitting position with good visibility protected from those annoying unexpected splashes that sneak up through the tramps now and again.

She is definitely the future, an amazing looking, fast, exciting, simple and cheap to build cat. No such thing? True until now. She is a very safe, easy to handle coastal cruiser, a little cat a couple could live on for months at a time and yet easily demounted to transport anywhere if sold.

For more information please download our Study Plans on this design using the link below.