Professional Boatbuilders

A number of boat builders specialise in building our designs, some are smaller yards who build customised boats, others are full production facilities. Combine a custom or stock design with one of our trusted builders to make your dream catamaran a reality!

Have a sail-away vessel built to your specifications
Tree-Tops Marine Tree Tops Marine Boatbuilder Cape Town, South Africa

Tree-Tops Marine Tree Tops Marine Boatbuilder Cape Town, South Africa

Schionning Designs Boyard Croisiere Boatbuilder La Rochelle France

Boyard Croisiere are a charter business that have now started building our catamarans. They began their build program with the Arrow 1500 Day Charter to put into their fleet. They’re ideally located in quaint La Rochelle, France. They are now set up to build for clients. Boyard Croisiere is an Official Agent of Schionning Designs.

pantawee marine multihull boatbuilders thailand schionning designs

Pantawee Marine are offering Schionning designs built under qualified foreign supervision standards from their factory in Pattaya City in Thailand. They have extensive experience and have been operating for over 20 years building sailing and power vessels up to 65′.

Optimis Yacht Builders Logo - Schionning Designs

Optimus Yachtbuilders produce the optimus range of semi production catamarans based on the arrow series. Electric propulsion and regeneration systems by Oceanvolt. Solar systems by Sunbeam. Sizing of lithium battery-banks and solar capacity is optimized in collaboration with the Flemish innovation partner Vito. Optimus Yachts have ample self-sufficiency for traveling and making fast-crossings in any part of the world.

Noosa Marine Yacht Builder Logo by Schionning Designs

Noosa Marine specialise in custom boat building services and work closely with the owners and designers to create a craft that will suit their needs. When taking on a project, the client can be assured that their project will get full dedication with an outstanding result. Noosa Marine has been responsible for some very impressive Schionning’s on the water: Including a G-Force 1500, G-Force 1800 (pictured) and the G-Force 2000.